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Ryan Garcia Navigating the Crossroads After Haney Decline and De La Hoya's Clash

The boxing landscape is buzzing with intrigue as Ryan Garcia finds himself at a pivotal juncture, turning down a clash with Devin Haney and setting his sights on Rolando Romero, despite Oscar De La Hoya’s push for a bout with Jose Ramirez.

Garcia’s decision to veer away from Haney was a strategic business move, aiming for a bigger spectacle against Romero. The hope was to secure the WBA Junior Welterweight Title and then pursue a substantial unification fight with Haney. However, with the Ramirez option seemingly out of the picture, Garcia faces uncertainty in his next move.

De La Hoya’s assertion that the Garcia-Ramirez bout is nearing fruition clashes with Garcia’s own denial, leaving fans speculating on the Californian’s next opponent. Options like Teofimo Lopez and Subriel Matias loom, each presenting challenges akin to the declined Haney bout.

The legal battle between Garcia and Golden Boy Promotions adds another layer to the narrative, with contract disputes influencing Garcia’s decisions. Reports suggest his contract may conclude this year, fueling speculation about a potential move to PBC.

Garcia’s recent rendezvous with Floyd Mayweather and his insistence on staying active indicate an eagerness to keep the momentum going. Following his first career loss to Gervonta Davis, Garcia’s shift to 140 pounds under Derrick James signals a new chapter in his career.

As the unfolding drama continues, Garcia stands at a crossroads, balancing commercial aspirations, contractual disputes, and a commitment to staying active in the competitive world of professional boxing.

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