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Rooney Ready to Rumble From Pitch to Ring?

Former football star Wayne Rooney is reportedly eyeing a surprising career shift from the football pitch to the boxing ring. After parting ways with Birmingham City earlier this year, the Manchester United legend is said to have engaged in discussions with Misfits Boxing, the label co-owned by boxing promoter Kalle Sauerland and YouTube sensation KSI.

Rooney’s managerial stint at St. Andrew’s concluded in January amid a challenging season for Birmingham City. Rather than pursuing another coaching position, the football icon seems poised to step into the world of boxing. The Daily Mirror reports that talks have taken place between Rooney and Misfits Boxing, known for hosting events featuring diverse participants, from OnlyFans models to MMA fighters.

Misfits Boxing’s unique blend of entertainment, coupled with the involvement of YouTube star KSI, suggests that Rooney could be the latest celebrity to make a cameo appearance in one of their upcoming events. For Rooney, a lifelong boxing enthusiast, this potential move could see him fulfill a dream outside the realm of football.

As the football community awaits further developments, Rooney’s potential venture into boxing adds an unexpected twist to his post-playing career.

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