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Romero Fires Shots: 'F— Ryan Garcia,' Eyes Isaac Cruz Showdown Amid DAZN Drama

In a blistering social media rant, Rolando “Rolly” Romero threw verbal haymakers at Ryan Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya, and DAZN, accusing them of wasting not just his time, but the entire boxing world’s time. Romero didn’t hold back on his words, labeling Garcia as “Princess Ryan” and referring to De La Hoya as “Oscar De La Fishnets.” Amidst the chaos, Romero declared Isaac Cruz as his next opponent, claiming insincere negotiations from Golden Boy.

Romero’s announcement of “Rolly vs. Pitbull” on Amazon Prime adds fuel to the fire, with the bout being touted as an explosive showdown. However, nothing is official yet, and the boxing community remains on the edge of their seats.

Isaac Cruz, a lightweight contender with a notable 2021 loss to Gervonta “Tank” Davis, now finds himself in the spotlight, potentially stepping up to the 140-pound division to face Romero. Despite Cruz’s recent focus on securing a rematch with Davis, the allure of a fight at 140 with Romero could offer him the biggest payday of his career.

Ryan Garcia, no stranger to social media banter, responded with a dismissive tone, giving both Romero and Cruz the green light to fight amongst themselves. The ongoing saga of Garcia’s quest for an opponent continues, with Romero and Devin Haney seemingly out of the picture.

As the dust settles, it raises a lot of questions why both Garcia and Romero are trying to drag Cruz up to 140 lbs. Fans interpret this move as a lack of confidence in facing the true heavyweights of the 140-lb division. Is Garcia avoiding the big contenders in 140?

The potential matchups involving Garcia, Romero, and Cruz remain shrouded in uncertainty. We’ll have to wait and see how things unfold

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