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Rolly Romero Shuts Down Ryan Garcia's Challenge! Eyes Bigger Fights at 147lbs!

Rolly Romero, the explosive force in the boxing world, has firmly rejected Ryan Garcia’s call-out, stating, “He doesn’t deserve to step into the ring with me.” Romero, known for his bold and unapologetic approach, expressed his desire to move beyond the 140lbs division, setting his sights on the star-studded 147lbs arena.

In a no-holds-barred response to Garcia’s challenge, Romero didn’t mince words, emphasizing that Garcia isn’t worthy of sharing the ring with him. Unfazed by the chatter, Romero unveiled his aspirations to transition to the 147lbs weight class, citing the plethora of big names that entice him in that division.

Romero’s firm stance against a potential matchup with Garcia has sent shockwaves through the boxing community. His declaration of wanting to move up to 147lbs hints at the thrilling possibilities and matchups awaiting him in a weight class packed with renowned talent.

The boxing world eagerly awaits Romero’s move, curious about the monumental fights he seeks at 147lbs. As speculation swirls around potential opponents, Romero’s bold statement has stirred anticipation for his next career move, adding a new layer of excitement to the welterweight landscape.

Romero’s straightforward dismissal of Garcia’s challenge and his expressed desire to climb up to 147lbs has ignited discussions among fans and pundits, fueling anticipation for the matchups he may pursue in this new weight class.

As Romero sets his sights on the talent-rich 147lbs division, the boxing world braces for the seismic shift in his career trajectory. Stay tuned for updates as Romero eyes bigger challenges and aims to make a splash in the welterweight realm!

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