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Riddick Bowe Reveals Longstanding Beef and Desire for Heavyweight Showdown

Despite his retirement from the ring, Riddick Bowe remains steadfast in his desire to fight a particular heavyweight whom he openly admits disliking. Known for his victories over Evander Holyfield, Bowe has often been associated with notable matchups that didn’t materialize, including clashes with Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, the latter being a contentious figure in Bowe’s eyes due to past events.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Beau Hightower, Bowe addressed lingering controversies, especially the narrative surrounding his alleged avoidance of facing Lennox Lewis. Disputing claims of ducking Lewis, Bowe pointed to his wins against Holyfield, emphasizing the fact that Lewis and Holyfield had a 1-1 draw in their encounters. This, according to Bowe, indicated his perceived superiority over Lewis, implying he would have comfortably defeated him.

The conversation then delved into Bowe’s knockout track record, highlighting his belief that he hits harder than fighters like Hasim Rahman, who previously knocked out Lewis. Referencing an Olympic bout in 1988 where Bowe faced Lennox, Bowe dismissed the stoppage as ‘fake,’ doubling down on his confidence in his ability to overpower Lewis in a professional bout, citing Lewis’s knockouts as evidence of vulnerability.

Expressing raw animosity towards his old rival, Bowe openly declared his ongoing disdain for Lennox Lewis, fueling a readiness to step into the ring with him even now. Despite Lewis not making it to Bowe’s top five list of heavyweights, the animosity and desire for a showdown between the two persist, underscoring the personal vendetta that still simmers within Bowe.


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