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Promoter's Fury: Lewkowicz Takes a Stand for Fundora and Benavidez

Sebastian Fundora and David Benavidez find themselves at the center of heated discussions in the boxing world, but their promoter Sampson Lewkowicz isn’t backing down. In a recent appearance on ProBox TV’s “Deep Waters,” Lewkowicz passionately defended his fighters, shedding light on their current situations.

Firstly, Lewkowicz addressed the aftermath of Fundora’s remarkable victory over Tim Tszyu, which left Fundora with a broken nose and Tszyu with a deep gash atop his head. Disputing the idea of the bout being ruled a no-contest due to the injuries, Lewkowicz emphasized the fighters’ willingness to continue and criticized suggestions that the ringside doctor should have intervened.

Moving on to Benavidez, Lewkowicz expressed frustration with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez‘s decision to bypass the undefeated former super middleweight champion. Despite Alvarez opting to face Jaime Munguia instead, Benavidez remains undeterred, rejecting step-aside money and insisting on maintaining his mandatory challenger status. Lewkowicz highlighted Benavidez’s determination to secure the fight with Alvarez, even at the expense of potential financial gains.

Speculation looms regarding Alvarez’s intentions, with some suggesting he may be delaying a matchup with Benavidez for a more lucrative undisputed superfight in the future. However, Lewkowicz remains skeptical, asserting his belief that Alvarez will continue to avoid facing Benavidez.

As the boxing world awaits Benavidez’s next move following his upcoming bout with Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Lewkowicz leaves the door open for potential future developments, but maintains his stance that Alvarez will evade facing Benavidez at all costs.

With Lewkowicz’s unwavering support, Fundora and Benavidez stand poised to navigate their respective challenges, eager to make their mark in the sport’s landscape.

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