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Prograis vs. Haney Edwards Highlights Style Clash

In the forthcoming showdown between Regis Prograis and Devin Haney on December 9th, trainer Stephen Edwards underscores the significance of the style clash. This pivotal bout, set to air on DAZN PPV at the Chase Center in San Francisco, is poised to be a captivating encounter. The younger and more stylistically adept Haney, aged 24 with a perfect record of 30-0 and 15 KOs, squares off against the seasoned Prograis, who is 34 with a record of 29-1 and 24 KOs. Edwards advises Prograis to adapt his strategy to counter Haney’s style, emphasizing the need to employ a power-focused approach.

Haney’s arsenal includes a reach advantage, exceptional speed, footwork, skills, and a high boxing IQ, which clearly tip the scales in his favor. Edwards believes that Haney’s youth and skill set will serve him well in a tactical contest, and he anticipates that Haney will opt for a distance-controlling, jab-centric approach to secure a decision win. This method minimizes the risk of Haney being knocked out by the physically imposing Prograis.

While this strategy might not deliver a fireworks-filled spectacle for fans, it’s a calculated approach that aligns with Haney’s stylistic advantages. Edwards likens Haney to a precision sports car pitted against the rugged all-terrain capabilities of Prograis. Engaging in a brawl with Prograis would be unwise for Haney given the physical disparities between the two fighters.

Edwards acknowledges Haney’s vulnerability to power punches, which happen to be Prograis’ specialty. To emerge victorious, Prograis must focus on wearing down Haney and delivering well-timed counter shots. The example of Jorge Linares’ fight against Haney in 2021 highlights the effectiveness of this approach. Prograis must avoid letting Haney clinch, as Haney is adept at holding and negating his opponent’s offense.

In addition to the tactical challenges, Prograis must navigate the criticism stemming from his last fight. However, maintaining self-confidence and making strategic adjustments are crucial in preparing for this high-stakes battle. Edwards recognizes Haney’s impressive jab and insists that Prograis must neutralize it while closing the distance effectively. Given Haney’s extended reach, Prograis will need to use his footwork to get inside Haney’s guard and apply pressure. Edwards concludes by emphasizing that overcoming a stylistic mismatch requires exceptional skills, setting the stage for an enthralling battle of styles in this upcoming fight.

In summary, the impending clash between Prograis and Haney is poised to be a captivating bout characterized by a significant stylistic contrast. Edwards advises Prograis to adopt a power-centric strategy, nullify Haney’s jab, and effectively close the distance to secure victory in this high-profile match.

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