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Prince Naseem Hamed's Son, secured a first-round victory on Usyk vs Dubois undercard

In a triumphant beginning to his professional career, Aadam Hamed, the son of boxing legend Prince Naseem Hamed, secured a first-round victory over Vojtech Hrdy on the Usyk vs Dubois undercard. The young Hamed showcased his power early on, leading to Hrdy, who seemed overwhelmed, retreating to the corner where his coach ultimately decided to throw in the towel.

Although it was Hamed’s debut in the ring, having no prior amateur or professional experience, he demonstrated remarkable composure. He used a “good solid jab” to push back Hrdy, a boxer who entered the match with a record of three professional fights (standing at 1-3 post-match). Hrdy soon found himself cornered, vulnerable to Hamed’s powerful punches. With no sign of fighting back, he was safeguarded by his trainer’s quick intervention.

It’s evident that more challenging bouts lie ahead for Hamed, and while this rapid match didn’t reveal much about his skill set, he showed tremendous promise in handling the spotlight. Throughout the preparation and on the match day, Hamed exuded confidence, seemingly unaffected by the magnitude of the event. His demeanor even drew parallels with his father, displaying a similar aura of unwavering self-assurance.

Speaking after the contest, he said:

“What a night man, I felt like I put on a performance and it’s only going to get bigger and better from here.”

When asked about the pressure of carrying his father’s name, he added:

“They [the press] are always going to say what they want. I just need to do my best to take no notice and do me. I believe in myself, I believe in my ability, this is just a stepping stone for where I want to get to.”

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