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"PBC Struggles to Match Saudi Boxing Spectacle as Tim Tszyu Faces Thurman's Leftovers"

In a recent turn of events, Tim Tszyu’s call for “Big Names Only” seems to have taken a hit as he is set to face Keith Thurman’s leftovers, Mario Barrio. The announcement raised eyebrows, with critics questioning the PBC’s ability to compete with the allure of Saudi boxing events.

Tszyu’s initial declaration for significant opponents had fans anticipating a marquee matchup. However, the revelation of facing Barrio’s remnants left some questioning the quality control of the PBC, especially for their trial run event.

The skepticism heightened as critics, echoing the sentiments of boxing analyst Rick, pointed out that this choice may not live up to the standards set during the PBC’s Showtime era. The matchup with Barrio’s leftovers, particularly after Tszyu’s call for big names, raised concerns about the direction of PBC’s matchmaking strategy.

Adding to the intrigue is the mention of Barroso being denied a rematch with what is humorously referred to as the “Sesame Street Puppet,” alluding to a perceived injustice in the sport. This narrative adds another layer of complexity to the unfolding story of PBC’s decisions and their impact on the boxing landscape.

As PBC navigates through this trial run, the boxing community awaits the outcome of Tszyu’s clash with Thurman’s leftovers, pondering whether the spectacle can indeed rival the grandeur of Saudi boxing events that have garnered significant attention in recent times.

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