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'Other Than Tyson Fury Only Andy Ruiz Has the Balls to Wilder' - Says Big John Fury

Deontay Wilder, the former heavyweight champion, faced Tyson Fury in a trilogy of fights, with Fury emerging victorious twice and a controversial draw in the mix. Notably, Fury is the only opponent to withstand Wilder’s knockout power.

Since the third bout with Fury, Wilder has struggled to find high-caliber competition, with his only match being a quick demolition of Robert Helenius in October the previous year.

Tyson Fury’s father, John, has offered his perspective on Wilder’s current career status, suggesting that most top heavyweight fighters are reluctant to step into the ring with him, except for one notable exception.

In a recent interview with FreeBets, ‘Big John’ claimed that former unified heavyweight world champion Andy Ruiz Jr is the lone contender in the heavyweight division with the courage to accept a fight against Deontay Wilder. According to John Fury, other top fighters are apprehensive about facing ‘The Bronze Bomber,’ even though Tyson Fury managed to defeat him decisively on three occasions.

John Fury emphasized that most top heavyweights, including fighters like Usyk and Joshua, are avoiding a clash with Wilder, recognizing the challenges he presents. However, he believes Andy Ruiz Jr might be willing to face Wilder if the financial terms are right and it makes good business sense because Ruiz has the courage to take on such a challenge.

“The only one out there who can challenge Tyson, and they all avoid him and they won’t fight him, is Deontay Wilder. They’re all terrified of him, and Tyson straightened him up three times!”

“All those people will never get in with ‘The Bronze Bomber.’ Usyk, AJ, none of them will fight ‘The Bronze Bomber.’ Andy Ruiz Jr will – for a price. Because he’s got big you know what’s, and if the money is right and it makes good business sense, I can only see Andy Ruiz fighting him.”

“He’s the only one who comes to mind who is in that bracket. He’s the only one who’s going to fight Deontay Wilder because there rest are terrified. They know what’s coming.”

Wilder had been in talks for a matchup with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia, but those plans seem to have hit a roadblock due to changes in the country’s boxing management. Discussions have also taken place for an all-American showdown with Ruiz, although financial negotiations appear to be a significant hurdle in finalizing that bout.

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