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Oscar De La Hoya's Shocked Reaction as Ryan Garcia Sparks Controversy at Press Conference

A recent press conference for Oscar De La Hoya’s return fight against Oscar Duarte took an unexpected turn when Ryan Garcia unleashed a fiery response, catching everyone off guard, including De La Hoya. Garcia’s unanticipated reaction was fueled by comments attributed to Bernard Hopkins, sparking tension between Garcia, Hopkins, De La Hoya, and Golden Boy Promotions.

Despite the incident causing a stir and De La Hoya’s visibly surprised facial expressions going viral, Golden Boy Promotions made no mention of the altercation in the official press release about the event. While quotes from Garcia and Duarte focused solely on their upcoming fight, the dramatic exchange between Garcia and others involved was conspicuously absent.

In the aftermath, the snippets released were carefully curated to steer clear of any indication of the apparent rift. Garcia’s statements centered on his commitment to the upcoming fight and his renewed focus after a challenging period in previous years.

“I put everything into this fight. For the first time in a long time, I’m extremely committed,” Garcia expressed. “You know, 2021 was one of the years that broke me. 2022 was a big change for me, and 2023 opened my eyes. I’m about to come back for everything. I’m laser-focused. That’s where my confidence comes from.”

Meanwhile, Duarte maintained a composed demeanor, expressing his happiness and enthusiasm about being part of the event without being drawn into the controversy.

The unexpected tension and De La Hoya’s surprised reactions during the press conference have led to speculations about underlying issues within the camp, setting the stage for a potentially heated buildup to the Garcia vs. Duarte fight.

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