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Oscar De La Hoya Under Fire for Controversial Taunt at Concussed Rolly Romero!"

Former boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya is facing backlash after posting a video mocking Rolly Romero following his defeat to Isaac Cruz. Romero suffered a devastating loss and showed signs of being concussed in his post-fight interview, sparking concerns about his well-being. De La Hoya’s actions have drawn criticism from rival promoter Leonard Ellerbe and boxing fans alike, who labeled the behavior as “classless” and “disgusting.”

Ellerbe condemned De La Hoya’s actions, calling them disrespectful and highlighting the potential dangers of taunting a concussed fighter. Fans echoed similar sentiments, questioning the ethics of interviewing athletes in such a vulnerable state. Despite the criticism, De La Hoya remained undeterred and continued to taunt Romero in a subsequent video.

Romero’s career has faced setbacks recently, including a knockout loss to Gervonta Davis and a controversial win over Ismael Barroso. The defeat to Cruz is expected to prompt a shift in Romero’s approach if he hopes to regain sympathy from fans and the boxing community.

As the controversy surrounding De La Hoya’s actions continues to unfold, the focus remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of athletes in the sport of boxing.

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