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Oscar De La Hoya Teases Ryan Garcia's Next Move Big Announcement on April 20th

In a recent interview, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya dropped a hint about rising star Ryan Garcia’s upcoming fight. Set for April 20th, De La Hoya promised a major revelation once the deal is finalized. Speculation is rife, with De La Hoya suggesting the possibility of Garcia moving up to the 147lbs division.

De La Hoya, Garcia’s promoter, remained tight-lipped about the details but assured fans that the announcement would be “really, really big.” The anticipation is building as the boxing world eagerly awaits confirmation on Garcia’s next opponent and potential weight class change.

Garcia, known for his explosive performances, has been making waves in the lightweight division. However, De La Hoya’s mention of a potential move to 147lbs adds an element of intrigue, leaving fans and pundits alike speculating on the challenges and opportunities that such a decision might bring.

As the April 20th date approaches, boxing enthusiasts can expect a significant development in Garcia’s career. Whether it’s a new opponent, a change in weight class, or another unexpected twist, De La Hoya’s promise of a “really, really big” announcement has the boxing community buzzing with excitement.

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