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Oscar De La Hoya Laughs Off Dana White’s Fighter Pay Stance, Points to Boxing Paydays

In a recent interview, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya dismissed UFC CEO Dana White’s stance on fighter pay with a laugh. De La Hoya, who has been critical of White’s business practices in the past, emphasized the financial appeal of boxing for MMA fighters.

De La Hoya highlighted the growing trend of MMA fighters crossing over to boxing for lucrative paydays. He cited the example of former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou’s recent foray into boxing, where he nearly upset WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in October.

“When Dana White says they’re not making more money, it’s bull****,” remarked De La Hoya, asserting that MMA fighters are reaping significant financial rewards within the boxing ring. He pointed to instances like Joshua’s matchup with Ngannou, showcasing the financial allure that draws warriors from the MMA world to boxing.

The rift between De La Hoya and White has been ongoing for six years, marked by mutual lack of respect for each other’s business practices. White had previously criticized De La Hoya after accusations of misinformation regarding post-fight purses following Golden Boy MMA in November 2018.

As De La Hoya continues his role as a boxing promoter, White, at the helm of the UFC since 2001, remains focused on maintaining the organization’s excellence. The divergent perspectives on fighter pay highlight the ongoing tension between these two figures in the combat sports world.

In the midst of this clash, the broader narrative emerges as MMA fighters increasingly explore opportunities in boxing for financial gains, challenging the traditional landscape of combat sports.

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