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Oscar De La Hoya Extends Hand to Terence Crawford as Free Agency Beckons

In a surprising turn of events, Oscar De La Hoya has publicly reached out to Terence Crawford, urging the accomplished boxer to make contact following reports of Crawford becoming a free agent.

In the world of boxing, where alliances and contracts often dictate the course of a fighter’s career, the news of Terence Crawford’s newfound free agency has raised eyebrows. Oscar De La Hoya, a prominent figure in the sport, wasted no time in expressing his interest in the talented welterweight.

De La Hoya, a former world champion himself, took to the platform X to extend a direct invitation to Crawford. The move has sparked speculation about the potential collaboration between the two, as fans and pundits eagerly await the next chapter in Crawford’s illustrious career.

Crawford’s departure from his previous promotional company marks a significant shift in the landscape of boxing. With De La Hoya throwing his hat into the ring, it adds an extra layer of excitement to the mix. The prospect of Crawford joining forces with the renowned Golden Boy Promotions has set the boxing community abuzz.

The call from De La Hoya seems to signify more than just a business opportunity. It reflects the respect and recognition that Crawford has earned throughout his career. As negotiations unfold behind the scenes, fans are left wondering about the potential matchups and challenges that may lie ahead for the skilled welterweight.

In the fast-paced world of professional boxing, where alliances can shape legacies, the alliance between De La Hoya and Crawford could be a game-changer. It remains to be seen how this chapter in Crawford’s career will unfold, but one thing is certain – the boxing world will be watching closely.

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