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Oscar De La Hoya Amazed by Santillan's Knockout Win Over Rocha

In a surprising turn of events, Giovani Santillan’s knockout victory over Alexis Rocha left Oscar De La Hoya, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, wide-eyed and beaming with enthusiasm. The welterweight contest at the KIA Forum in Inglewood, California, was expected to be competitive, but Santillan’s performance proved to be a revelation.

Santillan’s unrelenting combinations overwhelmed Rocha, who struggled with his defense throughout the bout. Although the referee issued warnings for rabbit punches from Santillan, he failed to deduct any points or give Rocha adequate time to recover.

Rocha, seemingly incapable of effective defense, absorbed a barrage of punches from Santillan, ultimately leading to his sixth-round knockout. De La Hoya was astounded by Santillan’s display of energy and prowess, especially given that he had only 16 knockouts in his 31 wins prior to this fight.

What’s Next for Rocha?

De La Hoya faces a dilemma regarding Rocha’s future with Golden Boy Promotions. While there’s potential for rebuilding Rocha, this loss may raise questions about his ability to compete at the highest level. De La Hoya praised Santillan’s remarkable performance and energy but remained thoughtful about Rocha’s next steps.

“He did a great job, a good performance, a lot of energy,” said De La Hoya. “It’s going to be interesting to see what De La Hoya does with Rocha because after this loss, it might not be worth it to keep him with Golden Boy. If De La Hoya thinks he can be rebuilt from the ground up, it might be worth it to keep him in the Golden Boy stable, but realistically, this is as good as it gets with him. Oscar might as well terminate his contract.”

Santillan’s Ambitions

Giovani Santillan, fueled by his impressive victory, has his eyes set on significant challenges in the welterweight division. He expressed his readiness to take on WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford, although it remains uncertain if Crawford will accept the fight.

Additionally, Santillan expressed interest in a bout with Mario Barrios, who holds the WBC interim welterweight title. However, securing such fights may be a complex task as top fighters like Crawford often prioritize big-money showdowns over mandatory defenses.

Santillan is eager to build on his recent success and looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in the highly competitive welterweight division.

In the end, Santillan’s extraordinary performance has not only surprised Oscar De La Hoya but has also opened up new possibilities in the world of boxing, leaving fans eager to see what challenges lie ahead for the rising welterweight star.

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