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Olympic Gold Medalist Galal Yafai Clinches Unanimous Victory in Glendale!

Galal Yafai showcased his boxing finesse in a 10-round bout against Rocco Santomauro on the Sunny Edwards-Jesse Rodriguez undercard in Glendale, Arizona. Securing a unanimous decision with scores of 99-91, 98-93, and 97-93, Yafai’s strategic outboxing style earned him the win, advancing his record to 6-0 with 4 knockouts.

Throughout the fight, Yafai’s adept southpaw stance allowed him to control the distance, employing swift movement and ring mastery to outmaneuver Santomauro. Despite some success from Santomauro’s straight right hands, Yafai’s tactical approach drew both admiration and discontent from the audience, as he maintained a consistent pace without pushing for a knockout.

While Santomauro managed sporadic connections, including left hooks to the head, Yafai’s calculated strategy persevered. Despite a cut over Santomauro’s left eye, possibly from a clash of heads, Yafai’s dominance remained evident, although the crowd expressed displeasure at his refusal to escalate the aggression.

Post-fight, Yafai acknowledged the learning curve, recognizing the need to avoid underestimating opponents and emphasizing continual improvement. Despite his victory, he acknowledged room for growth, particularly against an opponent with Santomauro’s seasoned record of 23-24 fights.

Santomauro, now 22-3 with 6 KOs, faced his second consecutive loss following a defeat to Ricardo Sandoval. The Californian boxer, known for prior victories against lesser competition, struggled against Yafai’s calculated approach.

Olympic gold medalist Galal Yafai’s strategic prowess and tactical mastery shone in Glendale, securing a unanimous victory and underlining his growth in the professional boxing arena. Despite audience discontent, Yafai’s methodical approach proved effective against a seasoned opponent like Rocco Santomauro.

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