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Official Result of Tommy Fury vs. KSI Altered Due to Judge's Scorecard Error

In a highly anticipated showdown, Love Island star Tommy Fury secured a unanimous decision victory over YouTube personality KSI, correcting the initial announcement of a majority decision. The thrilling bout took place in Manchester, and the alteration in the result was triggered by an error in scorecard calculations.

Images of the scorecards were released, and vigilant fans noted that one judge initially declared the fight a 57-57 draw due to an incorrect tallying of the scores. However, this error was swiftly rectified, with the final score standing at 57-56 in favor of Fury, consistent with the verdict from the other two judges.

Despite the correction, KSI expressed his discontent with the result, believing he had done enough to claim victory. Immediately after the fight, he voiced his frustration, stating, “It’s a robbery! How many jabs did he land? You didn’t get hardly any shots off. You weren’t landing! Look at your face, look at your eyes. Look at you! I’m the YouTuber, you’re the boxer, you have to win. It’s outrageous.”

Notably, middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr and a prominent boxing promoter sided with KSI, asserting that he deserved the win. All three judges unanimously agreed that KSI dominated the first and second rounds, with Fury losing a point in the second for a foul blow to the back of his opponent’s head. However, for the remaining four rounds, Fury secured the majority of the judges’ scores.

Fury commented on the fight’s quality, acknowledging that it may not have been his best performance. He stated, “Was it my best performance? No, absolutely not, but we knew it was going to be a stink fest because one man didn’t want to come to fight.” He further emphasized his disappointment with KSI’s tactical approach in the ring, describing the bout as “a scrappy affair.” Despite his reservations about his performance, Fury ultimately emerged as the victor, underscoring his determination and resilience.

This high-profile showdown between Tommy Fury and KSI garnered significant attention and discussions within the boxing community, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their future in-ring endeavors.

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