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Ngannou Mocks Joshua's Dark Room Retreat in Chilling Pre-Fight Warning

In the lead-up to their highly anticipated clash in Riyadh, Francis Ngannou has delivered a chilling warning to Anthony Joshua, seemingly mocking the former champion’s recent dark room retreat. Joshua’s unconventional preparation method, where he spent four days in complete darkness, has become a point of reference for Ngannou, who vows to make Joshua “wake up in a white room” if he underestimates the power in the heavyweight division.


Ngannou, a former UFC champ, issued a stark reminder to Joshua about the strength of every heavyweight contender, cautioning against underestimating opponents. In his ominous prediction, Ngannou emphasized the need for strategic and smart fighting, highlighting the potential consequences of leaving one’s chin exposed in the ring.


“If you put your chin in the right position and get hit, even by the lightest fighters, then you might wake up in the white room,” warned Ngannou, underlining the unforgiving nature of the combat sport.


Referencing his own punching power, Ngannou acknowledged the challenge of knocking out an opponent, citing his 10-round fight against Tyson Fury. Despite being known as the hardest puncher, Ngannou couldn’t secure a knockout against Fury but emphasized the ability to do so with the right connection.


Anthony Joshua, well-aware of Ngannou’s knockout potential, expressed his refusal to underestimate the formidable opponent. Having witnessed Ngannou’s impressive performance against Fury, Joshua acknowledged the challenging task ahead, recognizing Ngannou’s boxing skills and power in the heavyweight division.


As the tension builds for their March showdown in Saudi Arabia, the verbal exchanges between Ngannou and Joshua are setting the stage for a high-stakes battle that has captured the attention of fight fans worldwide.


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