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Ngannou Eyes Boxing Redemption Amidst MMA Uncertainty

Francis Ngannou, the UFC heavyweight champion, finds himself at a crossroads in his combat sports journey following his recent knockout loss to Anthony Joshua in boxing. Despite his upcoming MMA bout in the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Ngannou hints at a potential return to the boxing ring to reclaim what he feels is owed to him.

In a candid interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Ngannou revealed his conflicted feelings about his future in combat sports. Expressing a desire to address unfinished business in boxing, Ngannou admitted feeling a sense of indebtedness to the sport after his defeat to Joshua.

“I started to feel like boxing is now owing me something that I have to claim,” Ngannou remarked, highlighting his determination to regain respect and dignity in the realm of boxing.

While acknowledging the allure of a boxing comeback, Ngannou remains open to the possibility of continuing his MMA career. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his next move, Ngannou expressed interest in facing Tyson Fury in the boxing ring, citing lingering questions from their previous interactions.

Despite his inclination towards boxing, Ngannou reiterated his excitement about returning to MMA, citing his comfort and familiarity with the sport. “MMA now is like, not the easier one but it’s the one I’m used to,” Ngannou stated, emphasizing the control he feels in MMA compared to the unpredictability of boxing.

Ngannou’s remarks underscore his commitment to exploring opportunities in both boxing and MMA as he strives to cement his legacy in combat sports.

As fans eagerly await Ngannou’s next move, the uncertainty surrounding his future only adds to the intrigue of his journey in the world of combat sports.

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