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Nery's Green Light Japan Boxing Commission Lifts Ban, Inoue Bout on the Horizon

In a surprising turn of events, Luis Nery has been granted the freedom to step into the boxing ring in Japan, courtesy of the Japan Boxing Commission’s decision to overturn his ban. This development opens the door for a potential showdown against Naoya Inoue, a matchup that has fans eagerly anticipating an explosive encounter.

Nery’s ban reversal marks a significant development in his boxing career, providing him with the opportunity to showcase his skills on Japanese soil. The move comes at a crucial time as speculation grows regarding a potential bout against the highly-regarded Naoya Inoue.

The prospect of Nery facing Inoue has ignited excitement in the boxing community, with both fighters known for their formidable skills and knockout power. As the ban is lifted, the stage is set for a clash that could capture the attention of fans worldwide.

The Japan Boxing Commission’s decision not only signifies a change in Nery’s fortunes but also adds an intriguing chapter to the ongoing narrative in the super bantamweight division. With both fighters eyeing victory, the anticipation for this matchup is palpable, and fans are eager to witness the outcome of this long-anticipated battle in the ring.

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