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"MIND-BLOWING DISCOVERY: Tszyu vs. Fundora Fight Stoppage Exposed!"

Boxing pundit Tim Bradley has weighed in on the controversial decision by Tim Tszyu’s corner not to stop the fight against Sebastian Fundora, despite a severe cut sustained by Tszyu. Bradley criticizes the corner’s lack of action and suggests that pride may have clouded their judgment.

Bradley emphasizes the severity of the cut, noting that while it wasn’t life-threatening, it significantly impaired Tszyu’s vision. Despite the ringside doctor repeatedly asking Tszyu if he could see, Tszyu’s determination to continue likely influenced the decision to let the fight proceed.

In Bradley’s opinion, the responsibility ultimately falls on the corner, who he believes lacked understanding of the rules and failed to prioritize Tszyu’s well-being. Bradley suggests that had he been in Tszyu’s corner, he would have stopped the fight after the third or fourth round to protect his fighter.

However, Bradley acknowledges the complexities of the situation, recognizing that a fighter’s pride and determination often play a significant role in such decisions. Ultimately, the controversy surrounding Tszyu’s corner’s actions raises questions about the duty of coaches to prioritize their fighters’ safety above all else.

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