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Mike Tyson Identifies the Missing Element for Terence Crawford's All-Time-Great Status

In a recent interview with DAZN, boxing legend Mike Tyson praised Terence Crawford’s undeniable skill but pointed out a crucial factor preventing him from achieving all-time-great status. Crawford, with a flawless 40-0 record, claimed the undisputed welterweight championship in a dominant performance against Errol Spence Jr.

Tyson acknowledged Crawford’s mastery inside the ropes but emphasized the need for excitement and drawing crowds to arenas for true greatness. Despite Crawford’s stellar achievements, Tyson suggested that the lack of blockbuster appeal might hinder his financial success.

In Tyson’s words, “He [Crawford] is a master fighter but he has to get to the essence of fighting and that is excitement, bringing the people.” The boxing icon highlighted the financial impact of being a crowd-puller, drawing a comparison to his own career trajectory.


While Crawford has been linked to potential matchups, including talks of a showdown with Teofimo Lopez, Tyson’s insights raise questions about Crawford’s ability to captivate audiences beyond his in-ring prowess.

The recent decision to strip Crawford of his IBF world title adds another layer to his narrative, potentially influencing a move to super-welterweight or super-middleweight, with whispers of a clash with Canelo Alvarez gaining traction.

In the world of boxing, where perception and entertainment play a significant role, Crawford’s journey to all-time greatness may require a strategic shift beyond his impressive boxing skills.

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