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Mikaela Mayer Wants To Fight Natasha Jonas For IBF Welterweight Championship After a Win at Smith vs Eubank 2

Mikaela Mayer, after her latest win in Manchester against former European champion Silvia Bortot, has her eyes set on a match against IBF welterweight champion Natasha Jonas. Mayer’s performance stood out during the Smith vs Eubank 2 event, with her securing victory in all ten rounds according to referee Steve Gray’s evaluation.

Mayer, who formerly held the super-featherweight champion title, recently shifted to the super-lightweight category. Now, she’s focused on climbing the ranks in the welterweight division. She mentioned that she’s gearing up to move from 130 to 147, acknowledging the challenges of the transition after maintaining her former weight for years. Mayer is confident in her readiness to face Jonas.

Adding to the anticipation, Jonas, who became a two-weight world champion in July by defeating Kandi Wyatt, was present during Mayer’s recent match. From the ringside, she too showed enthusiasm for a potential match against the 2016 Rio Olympian Mayer.

“I’m ready for that fight, yeah,” Mayer told Sky Sports post-fight.

“I’ve been preparing my body to go up, it’s a big jump going from 130 to 147. It takes time to do what I did [by] keeping my body down at that weight for so many years, but I’ve already been working on it and I’m prepared to go to 147 and take on Natasha Jonas right away.

“That’s definitely the one I want next, and from what I hear she’s game and wants it too.”

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