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Michael Hunter calls Fury a 'Clown' ahead of Fury vs Ngannou

There’s been a mix of opinions about the upcoming Fury vs Ngannou bout between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Heavyweight contender Michael Hunter recently expressed his thoughts, calling Fury a “Clown.”

In an interview with Seconds Out, Hunter mentioned that many heavyweights these days seem more interested in fame and making excuses rather than actually stepping into the ring. He praised Ngannou and his team for taking on the challenge and criticized the current state of boxing with Fury holding the WBC & Ring Magazine belts.

“They want the fame. They want excuses and most of them make them, know what I’m saying. It’s a bad thing for boxing as a whole.

I take my hat off to Francis Ngannou, to him and his team, for making that fight happen. There was an opening and an opportunity cause we basically got a clown holding the belts and it’s a bad situation.”

Hunter also showed respect for unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, who he believes is willing to fight anyone and strives to be the best in multiple weight classes.

“He’s done it all. He wants to be cruiserweight champ, heavyweight champ, he went into the Olympics, and he wants all the belts, and that’s how it should be. I feel he would fight an even faster place if it was allowed.”

Going on a passionate rant, Hunter labeled some of the top heavyweights as “soft” and too emotional, with their egos getting in the way. He believes Fury avoided a tough fight with Usyk and sees it as a selfish move on Fury’s part to go for the Fury vs Ngannou bout.

“Their hearts get broken, they’re emotional, their egos are too involved. They can’t stick with reality, they get the big head and they really think they can do something.

I feel like Tyson Fury, he dodged a bullet on Usyk, he’s a real hard competitor, he would give Tyson Fury a problem, that’s not a secret, there’s no way he should not be fighting.

It’s not good for the whole situation. I feel like it’s a selfish move on Fury’s behalf.”

Despite differing opinions from other heavyweights, the Fury vs Ngannou fight is set to take place in Riyadh on October 6. Ngannou has stated that he won’t solely rely on his power but is prepared to face Fury’s famous skills and footwork.

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