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McCrory Warns Berlanga: One Punch Away from Changing His Life

This Saturday, Belfast’s own Padraig McCrory steps into the ring to face undefeated Puerto Rican sensation Edgar Berlanga. McCrory, undeterred by Berlanga’s impressive record, sees this bout as his golden opportunity to catapult himself to the forefront of the sport.


“I know that I am one punch away from changing my life,” McCrory confidently asserts. “If it happens, and I truly believe it is going to, I will go down in Irish boxing history, and on Saturday that’s what is going to happen.”


McCrory acknowledges the magnitude of the challenge before him but is undaunted by Berlanga’s aspirations to face boxing giants like Jaime Munguia and Canelo Alvarez. He sees this bout as his gateway to those same opportunities.


“Winning this fight changes my life for good,” McCrory continues. “Anything that’s happened in the past is irrelevant. My life is great, I’m happily married with three kids, and on Saturday it’s going to get even better. This win opens up massive opportunities, the biggest names, like Jaime Munguia, Diego Pacheco, or even Canelo Alvarez. He’s the dream fight for everybody, the money fight, and that’s what awaits me after this fight.”


Berlanga, with his eye seemingly set on future opponents, may have underestimated McCrory’s resolve. However, McCrory is eager to prove him wrong.


“I’m definitely his hardest fight. I’m a big 168 and he’s never taken anyone’s ‘0′,” McCrory adds. “He sounds confident but I think it’s all show. He’s trying to convince himself, and on Saturday, you’ll see that I’m his biggest test. It’s obvious that he has power, he comes with a big punch. Ask anyone, and they’ll say he’s strong and has power. I think he is getting a bit better fundamentally, but he isn’t the finished article and I think he needs more time, and that’s why they haven’t taken the Munguia fight or the Ryder fight, or any of these big fights. They are trying to get him ready for those big fights and unfortunately, I’m a step too far.”


“You’ve seen footage of him getting dropped in fights, in the amateurs and in sparring, so I am visualizing using those moments and putting myself there. It’s a big part of what I am doing, visualizing the win and the feeling. I don’t think the fight goes the distance. I see myself knocking him out, you’ve seen him hurt heavy, and I believe I have the power to do it. People don’t expect me to win, I’m the big underdog, but on Saturday, the world is going to know my name.”


“Thank you, Eddie, for the opportunity, but you’ve made the wrong decision in picking me,” McCrory remarks. “You have big plans for Edgar but unfortunately, I’m going to stop it all from happening.”


As the anticipation builds for this clash, McCrory is ready to seize the moment and etch his name in boxing history.


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