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Matias Challenges Bill Haney: Make The Unification Happen

Subriel Matias, the IBF light welterweight champion, is wasting no time in calling for a unification showdown with WBC champ Bill Haney, father and promoter of Devin Haney. With Matias recently signing with Matchroom Boxing, he sees no reason why the highly anticipated clash between him and Haney shouldn’t happen, especially considering their respective upcoming fights.

Haney is set to defend his title against Ryan Garcia on April 20th, opening up the possibility for a unification bout with Matias should he emerge victorious. However, concerns linger about Haney’s future at 140 pounds, given his reported weight gains and potential move to higher weight classes.

Promoter Eddie Hearn is rumored to have an ambitious plan for Matias, with one of the key fights being a showdown with Haney. Matias believes that for the sake of the fans and the significance of the matchup, the fight with Haney should happen sooner rather than later. Waiting until Matias’ fifth fight with Matchroom may prove too late, as Haney could have already moved up in weight by then.

Matias is eager to make the fight happen and has directly addressed Bill Haney, urging him to put his son in the ring to face him. However, given the strategic approach Bill has taken in selecting opponents for Devin, it remains uncertain whether he will agree to a risky showdown with a formidable opponent like Matias.

Meanwhile, Richardson Hitchins, currently ranked #3 by the IBF, remains focused on his upcoming fight against Gustavo Lemos on April 6th. Despite the buzz surrounding a potential matchup with Matias, Hitchins is keeping his attention squarely on his immediate opponent, emphasizing the need to stay focused on the task at hand.

As the anticipation builds for potential future matchups in the light welterweight division, including the highly anticipated clash between Matias and Haney, fans eagerly await further developments and announcements from Matchroom Boxing.


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