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Malik Scott on Ngannou's Power and the Fury Showdown

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated showdown between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, Deontay Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott, shared his insights on Ngannou’s punching power. While Scott acknowledged that Ngannou is indeed a formidable puncher, he expressed skepticism about claims that Ngannou hits harder than Wilder, one of the most renowned punchers in the boxing world. Scott pointed to Wilder’s track record, emphasizing that Ngannou will be a threat to Fury in their 10-round bout due to his sheer power.

Scott explained, “Francis Ngannou is a big threat. He punches hard. He doesn’t punch harder, in my opinion, than Deontay Wilder.” He highlighted Ngannou’s MMA background and the differences in glove sizes between the two sports as factors to consider when evaluating their respective punching power.

While recognizing Ngannou’s potential as a heavy hitter, Scott underscored the need for Ngannou to prove himself in the realm of professional boxing. He mentioned that, in his experience, Wilder has delivered devastating blows to opponents during sparring sessions, illustrating the level of power that he possesses in the ring. Scott emphasized that Ngannou has yet to demonstrate his punching prowess with 10-ounce gloves in a boxing context, stating, “As far as boxing, with 20 ounces on [in sparring], with 10 ounces on [in fights], on an everyday basis, he’s not proven like that yet.”

Despite the discussion about punching power, Fury enters the bout as a heavy favorite with a 20-1 odds, reflecting his superior boxing skills. Scott anticipates that Fury will adopt an aggressive approach against Ngannou, who appears to have a limited path to victory primarily through landing a potent right hand. Scott highlighted that Ngannou, transitioning from the world of MMA to professional boxing, might attempt to box with Fury, which, in his view, could be a tactical mistake, as Fury has a wealth of boxing experience and is known for trading punches with heavy hitters like Wilder.

In summary, while the discussion revolves around Ngannou’s punching power, Scott emphasized the need for Ngannou to prove himself in the boxing ring. As the fight approaches, it is clear that Fury remains the favorite, and Scott believes that Ngannou’s best chance lies in landing a knockout punch, which is no easy task against a seasoned boxer like Fury.

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