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Local Showdown: Bazinyan vs. Phinn Set to Ignite Montreal in Super-Middleweight Clash

Bazinyan vs Phinn to clash on April 11 at Montreal Casino

Montreal, Canada – In a highly anticipated event, NABF super-middleweight champion Erik Bazinyan (32-0, 23 KOs) is set to defend his title against Shakeel Phinn (26-3-1, 17 KOs) on April 11 at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal. Presented by Eye of the Tiger Management, this showdown between two local talents promises to be a thrilling encounter for boxing fans.

The clash between Bazinyan and Phinn, dubbed “The North Crown vs. The South Crown,” carries significant implications for both fighters. With Bazinyan ranked in the top positions across multiple federations and holding the NABF title, he aims to solidify his status as a top contender in the division. Phinn, known as “The Jamaican Juggernaut,” seeks to capitalize on his recent successes and elevate his rankings with a victory over Bazinyan.

Camille Estephan, president of Eye of the Tiger Management, expressed excitement about the matchup and emphasized the importance of keeping Bazinyan active despite challenges in securing world title opportunities. The local rivalry adds an extra layer of intensity to the fight, promising an unforgettable evening for spectators.

Bazinyan, undefeated in his professional career, acknowledges Phinn as a formidable opponent but remains focused on maintaining his perfect record and advancing towards a world title shot. With determination and dedication, he prepares to deliver a memorable performance for the fans.

Phinn, returning to Montreal after a two-year absence, anticipates a warm reception from his supporters and views the fight as an opportunity to showcase his skills on home soil. Confident in his abilities, he is determined to seize the moment and emerge victorious against Bazinyan.

As the countdown to April 11 begins, boxing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing the clash between Bazinyan and Phinn, expecting fireworks inside the ring and a memorable night of action-packed entertainment.


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