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Liam Harrison's Missed Bout: Mayweather Showdown Cut Short by Devastating Injury

UK kickboxing legend Liam Harrison was on the cusp of a blockbuster exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather before a crippling knee injury forced him out. Despite the setback, Harrison remains hopeful for a future clash with the boxing icon.

Mayweather, with an unblemished record of 50-0, has ventured into exhibition bouts in recent years, facing the likes of Logan Paul. Harrison, poised to join the list of athletes to challenge Mayweather, was devastated when a knee injury derailed his plans.

In an interview with Sky Sports’ MMA Club, Harrison revealed the extent of his knee injuries, including torn MCL and ACL. The kickboxing star expressed initial optimism, thinking boxing would spare his ailing knee. However, sparring sessions revealed the severity of the damage, leaving him unable to walk for days after training.

Despite the opportunity to fight Mayweather, Harrison consulted with his surgeon about delaying surgery for the exhibition. The surgeon warned of potential lasting damage, advising against jeopardizing his future with a risky bout.

Scheduled for February 17, the bout was in doubt due to Harrison’s surgery slated for January 30. With the surgeon’s caution, Harrison withdrew, acknowledging the potential consequences of pushing through the injury.

Harrison, ranked highly in ONE Championship, reflected on the decision: “Is it going to be worth just getting in there and humiliating myself where I can’t move properly?” Though devastated, he withdrew, conscious of the possibility of compromising his kickboxing future.

As Harrison eyes a potential comeback, the missed opportunity with Mayweather remains a tantalizing what-if, leaving fans hopeful for a future showdown.

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