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Lewis Criticizes Joshua's Foes, Calls for Tougher Tests

Former boxing heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis criticized Anthony Joshua’s recent victory over Otto Wallin, stating that Joshua gained nothing from fighting an opponent he deemed lacking in skills and definition. Lewis expressed disappointment, believing that Joshua should strive for more challenging opponents instead of opting for what he termed as “gimme fights.”

According to Lewis, Joshua’s recent matches against Franklin and Helenius, including the victory over Wallin, don’t contribute significantly to proving his skills. Lewis emphasized that Joshua should aim for more formidable opponents to validate his return to top form and enhance his reputation in the sport.

Lewis proposed Zhilei Zhang as an ideal adversary for Joshua, highlighting Zhang’s impressive performances, particularly his victories over Joe Joyce. He urged Joshua to seek challenging opponents who could elevate his status and credibility in the heavyweight division.

The boxing icon expressed concern that Joshua is currently facing opponents on the rise rather than established contenders, stating that Joshua should have been contending for championships earlier. Lewis emphasized the importance of Joshua facing opponents who could truly test and propel his career forward.

Apart from Zhang, Joshua could potentially contend for a vacant world title shot against Filip Hrgovic, the IBF’s top contender, depending on the outcome of Tyson Fury’s undisputed fight with Oleksandr Usyk. This option could provide Joshua with an opportunity to compete at a higher level and regain his stature in the division.

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