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Lennox Lewis Mourns Loss of Mother, Violet Blake A Tribute to Her Life

Heavyweight boxing legend Lennox Lewis shared heartbreaking news with the world, announcing the passing of his mother, Violet Blake, on Thursday. In a poignant and extensive social media post, Lewis paid tribute to his mother, crediting her for enabling him to pursue and achieve his dreams.

Violet Blake, the mother of the renowned boxer born to Jamaican parents in London, played a pivotal role in Lewis’s life. The boxing icon is celebrated as one of the greatest heavyweights in recent history, having earned the distinction of being the last undisputed heavyweight champion.

In a touching Instagram post, Lewis expressed profound sorrow over the loss, describing the pain as “indescribable.” He reflected on the monumental impact of his mother’s passing, while also finding solace in the belief that she is now free from suffering in a better place.

Throughout his life, Lewis dedicated himself to honoring his mother and repaying her for the countless sacrifices she made to raise him amid challenging circumstances. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reciprocate the love, care, and support she provided, shaping him into the person he became.

Lewis cherished the lessons, love, and unwavering support that formed the bedrock of his success. He acknowledged that his achievements in the ring and in life were a testament to the foundation of love, discipline, and guidance laid by his mother.

The boxing icon, who previously mourned the loss of close friends and mentors like Muhammad Ali, Arnie Bohem, and Manny Steward, described the loss of his mother as an incomparable and deeply personal hurt. He conveyed heartfelt prayers, hoping that his mother has found peace in her new journey beyond life.

In a touching farewell, Lewis expressed gratitude for the time he had with his mother, recognizing the profound impact she had on shaping his life. He concluded with a poignant acknowledgment that none of his accomplishments would have been possible without her unwavering love and support.

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