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Leigh Wood Vacates WBA Featherweight Belt, Opening Door for New Contenders

In a significant development in the world of boxing, Leigh Wood, the British fighter who recently defended his WBA featherweight belt with a stunning knockout of Josh Warrington on October 7th, has officially announced his decision to move up to the super featherweight division. This move leaves the WBA featherweight title vacant, raising anticipation for the next champions in the division.

Wood’s decision to transition to the 130-pound weight class has been in the spotlight for some time, and this week, his team sent a formal communication to the WBA, informing them of this pivotal decision. The WBA has been supportive throughout Wood’s career, allowing him to attain, defend, and regain his world honors. In a letter expressing gratitude, Wood’s team conveyed their appreciation for the invaluable experiences gained during his time as the featherweight champion.

Acknowledging the decision, Ben Davison, Leigh Wood’s trainer, and a respected professional in the boxing world, expressed his alignment with the move. He also extended his gratitude to the WBA for the numerous opportunities provided at the featherweight limit.

As per the rules of the WBA, it is expected that the #1 and #2 contenders will compete for the now-vacant featherweight title. This sets the stage for an exciting battle between Otabek Kholmatov of Uzbekistan and Raymond Ford from the United States, both of whom have the chance to claim the prestigious WBA featherweight championship.

Leigh Wood’s decision to step up to the super featherweight division marks a new chapter in his career, and it leaves fans and the boxing world eagerly awaiting the next featherweight champion. The upcoming clash between Kholmatov and Ford promises to be a thrilling contest, and it will be interesting to see who emerges as the new titleholder in the featherweight division. Stay tuned for more updates as these contenders prepare to make their mark on the boxing world.

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