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Larry Goldberg From Boxing Fan to Promoter on a Mission

Larry Goldberg, a boxing enthusiast with roots in Atlantic City, has transitioned from a lifelong love of the sport to becoming a promoter, driven by a passion for showcasing genuine talent and shaking up the boxing scene. Growing up amidst the boxing renaissance of the late ’80s and early ’90s, Goldberg was witness to iconic matchups like Tyson vs. Spinks, fostering his deep connection with the sport.

Now, at 46, Goldberg promotes under Boxing Insider Promotions, organizing events that prioritize competitive matchmaking over paid mismatches. His upcoming show at Sony Hall in Midtown Manhattan features a headline bout between Ariel Lopez and Gregorio Lebron, emphasizing his commitment to providing opportunities for rising stars and giving seasoned fighters a chance for a comeback.

Goldberg’s journey into promotion started in 2022, influenced by his longstanding involvement in the boxing world through, one of the earliest boxing websites. Despite facing challenges and skepticism, Goldberg’s collaboration with former WBO women’s featherweight champion Heather Hardy became a turning point. Hardy, also his personal trainer, pushed him into promoting her fights, leading to Goldberg obtaining his promoter’s license in 2022.

The boxing purist, Goldberg, however, finds himself at odds with the sport’s establishment, disapproving of what he calls the “dirty business” side of boxing. He laments the exploitation of fighters, emphasizing the need for transparency and fairness in the industry.

Goldberg’s ultimate goal is to transform his regional promotion into a platform that supports fighters’ journeys from the amateurs to the pros, challenging the current norms of matchmaking and giving fans a taste of genuine competition. Despite the hurdles and financial strains imposed by strict regulations, Goldberg remains steadfast in his commitment to fighter safety and maintaining the integrity of the sport.

Looking ahead, Goldberg plans to expand his promotion beyond New York, aiming to revive the club show scene in Atlantic City, a place that holds sentimental value for him. He envisions turning Boxing Insider into a streaming service, showcasing the ascent of prospects to contenders, reminiscent of the ShoBox series.

In the tumultuous world of boxing, Goldberg remains true to his roots as a fan-turned-promoter, driven by a genuine love for the sport and a desire to make a positive impact on its future.

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