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KSI Still Denies Loss to Tommy Fury: 'No Evidence'"

YouTube sensation turned boxer, KSI, continues to stand firm in his belief that he didn’t lose to Tommy Fury, despite the split decision defeat in their much-discussed match last October. The controversial decision, which saw Fury deducted a point in round two, remains a point of contention for KSI, who insists there is “no evidence” supporting his defeat.

In a recent statement, KSI adamantly declared, “I stay undefeated, I didn’t lose! There’s no evidence. Show me the footage of Tommy Fury beating me up. You can’t! I beat Tommy Fury. That’s right, didn’t lose, I won.” Despite his spirited claims, many fans have mocked KSI for revisiting the result several months after the fight, questioning the need to continue discussing it.

Critics argue that KSI’s comments seem repetitive, considering the passage of time since the match. Some fans pointed out the statistical aspect of the bout, emphasizing the point deduction Fury received and the perception that KSI threw fewer punches while engaging in excessive clinching throughout the fight.

While KSI hinted at retirement following the Fury bout, recent statements indicate a change in plans, with the YouTuber expressing intentions to step back into the ring later this year. The lingering question remains about his potential opponent, as KSI has not disclosed details, adding an element of intrigue to his boxing future.

Amidst speculation, fans wonder if the much-anticipated bout between KSI and rival Jake Paul will materialize this year. However, Mams Taylor, the promoter for Misfits Boxing, deems it a “risky bet.” Meanwhile, Jake Paul is gearing up for his upcoming match against Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico, intensifying the anticipation surrounding the YouTube boxing scene.

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