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KSI Leaks Wayne Rooney's 4AM Boxing Challenge: A Potential Showdown in the Ring?

In an unexpected turn of events, YouTube sensation-turned-boxer KSI has disclosed a text message from former Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney, sent in the early hours of the morning, proposing a boxing match. Rooney, currently considering a foray into boxing following his departure as Birmingham City manager, seems eager for a one-off stint in the ring.

KSI, who recently leaked the intriguing message on the Sidemen podcast, revealed that Rooney’s proposition arrived at nearly 4 am on December 5, 2022. In the message, Rooney expressed the idea of a boxing fight between them, emphasizing the potential to generate substantial revenue and sell out a stadium with the right support.

Eddie Hearn, the well-known Matchroom Boxing promoter, has been involved in discussions with Rooney and acknowledges the former football star’s interest in the sport. Hearn even speculates about a charity fight involving Rooney, possibly against KSI’s American rival Jake Paul in the future.

KSI, known for his boxing pursuits, welcomed the proposal but emphasized the importance of serious competition. He stated on the podcast, “It would be great to see him fight someone, and if he annihilates that person, then yeah, fine, let’s fight.”

Despite Rooney’s initial interest in boxing, he has clarified his main focus is returning to football management. However, with the recent revelation of his boxing aspirations, it remains to be seen if Rooney will step into the ring against KSI.

For now, Rooney is set to take on a pundit role for the BBC, covering the Manchester United game at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground. Whether this is a detour from his managerial pursuits or a new chapter in Rooney’s diverse career, the sports world eagerly awaits further developments.

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