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Kingpyn Semi Finals - Daniella Hemsley shows T*TS!

The internet influencer-boxing scene, initiated by KSI and Logan Paul in 2018, is continuing to attract attention and participation from social media celebrities around the world. Despite its popularity, the industry recently faced potential setbacks due to financial issues.

On July 5, insider reports indicated that the organizer of the Happy Punch tournament, Kingpyn, was on the brink of bankruptcy just as the competition was nearing its finale, set for August 5.

The first round of the tournament took place in April, but the subsequent semi-final round scheduled for July was unexpectedly canceled. This left the participating influencers, who had undergone rigorous training for their upcoming bouts, in a state of uncertainty.

However, those uncertainties were soon cleared up when, on July 7, DAZN, a leading sports streaming platform, tweeted a cryptic message featuring a crown, a pushpin, and the eyes emoji. Fans quickly interpreted this as a sign that DAZN had taken over the financially troubled Kingpyn boxing.

Kingpyn confirmed this interpretation by tweeting a promotional poster for the semi-finals that featured the DAZN logo. The poster also indicated that Kingpyn’s tournament would be broadcast on DAZN, albeit on a rescheduled date.

Results of Kingpyn Semi Finals:

The Kingpyn Semi Finals, the much-anticipated event, culminated in a series of stunning displays in influencer boxing. These bouts, part of the Kingpyn Semi Finals, presented unexpected events that potentially concerned those at DAZN. The online response indicated that the most recent Kingpyn Semi Finals exceeded its previous iteration in terms of excitement and quality, despite the absence of knockouts and knockdowns, providing entertaining bouts to watch.

Main Event: Whindersson Nunes vs King Kenny

In the exciting five-round main event of the Kingpyn Semi Finals, King Kenny clashed with Whindersson Nunes. King Kenny delivered an exceptional performance and achieved a unanimous decision victory, ranking it among the best ever in Influencer Boxing. His strategic knockdown in the second round was a highlight.

AnEsonGib vs Jarvis

As part of the Kingpyn Semi Finals, AnEsonGib and Jarvis were pitted against each other. Despite Jarvis’s training at Floyd Mayweather’s ‘dog house’ gym in Las Vegas raising expectations for a close contest, Gib dominated and achieved a resounding victory. Gib overwhelmingly beat Jarvis in four out of five rounds, resulting in a unanimous decision win.

Crosbie vs Chalmers

Another Kingpyn Semi Finals match featured Crosbie against Chalmers. Chalmers started off strong but lost momentum, finally losing to Crosbie in a point decision. Crosbie nearly brought down Chalmers during the middle and later rounds.

6ar6ie6 vs Emily Brooke

In the Kingpyn Semi Finals, 6ar6ie6 faced Emily Brooke in a match that demonstrated the Brooke sisters’ durability. Despite enduring several powerful hits, Emily kept fighting. However, 6ar6ie6 controlled the bout throughout and won on points.

Elle Brooke vs Jully Poca

A surprising upset occurred during the Kingpyn Semi Finals when Elle Brooke suffered her first defeat in Influencer Boxing to Jully Poca. Jully displayed an excellent performance, hitting Elle hard and successfully countering her close-range fighting, resulting in a points decision win.

Cowley vs Tierney

In the fierce battle between Cowley and Tierney at the Kingpyn Semi Finals, Cowley emerged victorious on points following a tough fight.

Daniella vs Ms.Danielka

In one of the most shocking moments during the Kingpyn Semi Finals, Daniella Hemsley won her fight against Ms.Danielka on points, only to reveal her chest in the middle of the ring during the live broadcast. The incident stirred considerable online discussion with varied reactions. Daniella later clarified that her tassels had fallen off due to sweat and that she had received written permission from Kingpyn for her action.

Amber vs Whitney Johns

The first match of the Kingpyn Semi Finals night was between Amber and Whitney Johns, a part of the Kingpyn women’s losers bracket. Whitney Johns controlled the bout from the first round to the fifth, earning a unanimous decision victory over Amber.

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