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Keyshawn Davis and 'Kid Austin' Set for End-of-Year Showdown

In a surprising turn of events, lightweight contender Keyshawn Davis has thrown down the gauntlet, requesting a face-off with the talented Floyd ‘Kid Austin’ Schofield. Davis approached Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya with the proposal, and to everyone’s surprise, De La Hoya has given his nod for the bout to happen later this year.

Davis, a 2020 U.S Olympian with a record of 10-0 and 7 KOs, is looking to step up his competition by taking on the undefeated ‘Kid Austin’ Schofield, who boasts an impressive 16-0 record with 12 KOs. Despite concerns about the risk involved, De La Hoya seems confident that this matchup could be a major event in the boxing calendar.

Critics point to Davis’ recent performance in the 2020 Olympics, where he was defeated by Cuban Andy Cruz, raising doubts about his readiness for a challenging opponent like Schofield. However, Davis is eager for the bout, and De La Hoya’s willingness to make it happen adds a new layer of intrigue to the narrative.

The end-of-year showdown is already generating buzz within the boxing community, with fans speculating on the potential outcomes. De La Hoya’s assurance that the fight will take place either in Vegas or New York further adds to the excitement surrounding this budding rivalry.

As the boxing world eagerly awaits more details, it seems Keyshawn Davis and ‘Kid Austin’ are destined for a clash that could define their respective careers.

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