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Keith Thurman Returns for Clash with Rising Star Tim Tszyu, Co-Main Event Features 140-Pound World Champ and Mexican Star"

In a highly anticipated showdown, former world champion Keith Thurman makes his return to the ring to face the rising star and current world champ, Tim Tszyu. The bout promises fireworks as two accomplished fighters, each with their own accolades, collide in a matchup that has fans eagerly awaiting the bell.

Adding to the excitement, the co-main event features the 140-pound world champion, @SignUp4KOs, in action. The card further showcases Mexican star @IsaacPitbull98, creating a night filled with high-stakes matchups that will undoubtedly captivate the boxing community.

Thurman’s return adds a layer of intrigue, as he looks to make a statement against the formidable Tszyu, who has been making waves in the boxing world with his impressive performances. The clash between experience and youth sets the stage for an unforgettable battle.

As the 140-pound world champ enters the co-main event, fight enthusiasts can anticipate a display of skill and determination. Paired with the presence of the Mexican star, the event promises diverse styles and fierce competition throughout the evening.

The upcoming event marks a significant moment in the boxing calendar, combining the return of a seasoned world champion with the ascent of a rising star and featuring top-tier talents in the co-main event. Fans are gearing up for a night of boxing excellence and unforgettable moments.

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