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Katie Taylor Fight Controversy Alleged Knockdown Sparks Outrage and Calls for Rematch

Dublin witnessed uproar and controversy surrounding Katie Taylor’s win, shrouded by claims of an overlooked knockdown and questionable scorecards. Chantelle Cameron’s apparent knockdown of Taylor, disregarded by referee Roberto Ramirez Jr., sparked widespread criticism as Taylor surprisingly received favorable scorecards despite the incident, intensifying debates over the fairness of the judgment.

The overlooked knockdown stirred speculation about how the fight’s outcome might have shifted in Cameron’s favor had it been acknowledged. Despite Taylor clinching a narrow majority decision, scrutiny mounted over the judges’ scoring, with alleged discrepancies and modifications fueling heated debates across social media platforms.

Coach Jamie Moore expressed deep dismay, labeling the event a ‘set-up’ and highlighting what he saw as biased treatment against Cameron. Moore criticized the referee’s tolerance of Taylor’s excessive holding tactics, which hampered Cameron’s ability to display her inside fighting prowess. The unacknowledged knockdown and Taylor’s repeated holding actions exacerbated a sense of injustice for Cameron’s camp.

Former Matchroom fighter Charlie Edwards echoed sentiments questioning the legitimacy of Taylor’s win, underscoring the pivotal impact a recognized knockdown might have had on altering the fight’s outcome. Edwards joined a chorus of voices contesting Taylor’s victory, emphasizing the clear knockdown incident that, if acknowledged, could have swayed the decision in Cameron’s favor.

In the aftermath, the boxing community is embroiled in discussions, raising doubts about judging processes, alleged scorecard alterations, and the overall fairness of Taylor’s win. The outcry has sparked demands for a potential rematch to address the contentious circumstances surrounding Katie Taylor’s victory.

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