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Joshua vs. Ngannou Hearn Predicts Knockout Showdown!

In a surprising turn of events, Anthony Joshua gears up to face off against MMA’s heavyweight champ, Francis Ngannou, in a sensational 10-round boxing match slated for March in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Promoter Eddie Hearn, excited about the matchup, expects Joshua to shine and knock out Ngannou.

Originally set to battle Deontay Wilder, Joshua had to switch gears after Wilder’s unexpected loss to Joseph Parker. However, facing Ngannou isn’t a fallback plan—it’s a blockbuster showdown. Hearn acknowledges Ngannou’s prowess despite his 0-1 record as a pro boxer, highlighting the danger he poses due to his sheer power and fearlessness.

This matchup is more than a cash grab; it’s a high-stakes fight. For Joshua, fresh from a stellar win against Otto Wallin, losing to Ngannou would be a setback. Hearn emphasizes the seriousness of Joshua’s preparation, noting that they consider this their toughest challenge yet.

Timing seems perfect for both fighters. Ngannou’s stock is at an all-time high following his intense battle with Tyson Fury, while Joshua has rallied with three consecutive wins after setbacks against Oleksandr Usyk. Hearn reveals Joshua’s deliberation over his head trainer but assures a decision soon.

More details will unravel at a London press conference on Jan. 15, but one thing’s certain—this fight is captivating. Hearn remains confident in Joshua’s boxing prowess, yet acknowledges Ngannou’s knack for defying odds in combat sports.

This clash promises fireworks as both possess knockout power that keeps spectators on edge. Stay tuned for updates and get ready for a showdown that’s set to light up Riyadh!

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