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Joseph Parker Shuts Down Press Conference with Epic Comeback Ahead of Wilder Showdown

Joseph Parker didn’t hold back when faced with a bizarre question at the pre-fight press conference with Deontay Wilder. With their bout scheduled for Saturday night in Saudi Arabia, tensions were high as both fighters exuded confidence in their chances of a resounding victory.

Wilder, known for his knockout power, didn’t mince words, vowing to entertain fans by delivering an explosive fight. He humorously referred to himself as “Dr. Sleep” with “NyQuil in his right hand,” teasing Parker to bring a pillow for a comfortable nap during their match.

However, when the mediator, Dev Sahni, asked Parker about bringing a pillow to the ring, the Kiwi boxer didn’t take kindly to the offbeat question. Parker’s response was swift and sharp, dismissing the inquiry as a “stupid question” before swiftly moving the focus away.

The incident didn’t dampen the energy as attention shifted to the potential Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua showdown, a highly anticipated match should both fighters emerge victorious from their upcoming bouts.

Fans were left buzzing about Parker’s no-nonsense stance, appreciating his directness in shutting down the odd line of questioning. With the fight night drawing closer, the anticipation for an action-packed showdown between Parker and Wilder continues to build.

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