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Jorge Masvidal Expresses Doubt About Deontay Wilder Facing Francis Ngannou in MMA

Former UFC fighter turned bare-knuckle MMA promoter, Jorge Masvidal, has voiced skepticism about the proposed MMA showdown between Deontay Wilder and Francis Ngannou. Masvidal’s comments came during an appearance on the MMA Hour, where he discussed Wilder’s foray into MMA training and the potential crossover fight between the two heavyweight powerhouses.

Masvidal acknowledged that Deontay Wilder has been dedicating time to MMA training, suggesting that a crossover fight might be in the cards. He noted, “That is something that can potentially happen, Deontay Wilder, for a couple of months, for a little while now, has been training MMA…that’s something that makes sense.”

However, Masvidal raised doubts about the wisdom of such a matchup, particularly in the context of Ngannou’s formidable skills in the octagon. He emphasized that if Ngannou opted to take the fight to the ground, Wilder would be at a significant disadvantage. Masvidal opined, “He wouldn’t last two minutes if Ngannou chooses to take him down, the fight is over.”

Ngannou’s capabilities in wrestling and submissions at the UFC level make him a daunting opponent for Wilder, who lacks the grappling experience necessary to compete at the same level. Masvidal argued that Wilder’s preparation over the last decade has been primarily focused on boxing, rendering him unprepared for the completely different world of MMA.

Currently, Masvidal is involved in promoting the GameBred BareKnuckle MMA event scheduled for November 10th, which features notable matchups such as Alan Belcher vs. Roy Nelson, along with other UFC fighters like Hector Lombard and Jason Knight. While Wilder’s potential crossover into MMA is generating buzz, the skepticism expressed by Masvidal highlights the significant challenges Wilder could face against someone of Ngannou’s caliber in the MMA arena.

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