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Jordan Flynn and Kane Baker's Rematch Ends in Draw at Yafai vs Frank Showdown

Jordan Flynn and Kane Baker met once again in the boxing ring on Saturday, August 19, at Utilita Arena Birmingham as a Yafai vs Frank Undercard. This eagerly anticipated rematch was part of the NXTGEN main card and could be watched live on DAZN.

These two super featherweights first clashed in April, with Flynn managing a close win with a score of 77-75 after eight rounds. This second bout, which acted as an eliminator for the British super featherweight title, also went the entire ten rounds, resulting in a draw.

Throughout the match, both fighters showed their mettle. In the second round, Flynn, from Oxford, Oxfordshire, showcased his skills and put Baker on the canvas for an 8-count. However, their fight wasn’t without incident. The fifth round saw the two boxers clashing heads, leading to a deep cut on Baker’s left eyebrow. Flynn’s rapid hand movements and precise jabs were evident in the ninth round, proving a challenge for Baker.

But the climax came in the final, tenth round. The referee, in a surprising move, deducted a point from Flynn. This decision affected the overall outcome, with the bout ending in a 94-94 draw.

Flynn’s record now stands at 9-0-1 with 1 KO, still remaining unbeaten. On the other hand, Birmingham’s Kane Baker’s record is now 19-10-2, with 1 KO.

This exciting match-up is surely going to be a talking point in the boxing community for a while, with fans eager to see if a third bout will provide a decisive winner.

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