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Jonas vs. Mayer: Edge-of-the-Seat Showdown Leaves Liverpool Aflame

In an electrifying battle for the IBF welterweight world title at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena, Natasha Jonas and Mikaela Mayer delivered a performance that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. The result? A split decision in favor of #NatashaJonas, retaining her title and securing a victory over an elite opponent in #MikaelaMayer.

Both fighters faced crucial questions entering the ring. Mayer, transitioning from super featherweight to welterweight, had to prove herself against a physically imposing opponent. Jonas, a two-weight champion, aimed to cement her legacy and secure a meaningful victory after her setback against Katie Taylor in 2021.

The early rounds saw Mayer testing the waters, feeling her way forward. Jonas, on the other hand, strategically threw hard punches when Mayer paused, attempting to assert her power. Mayer increased her output in the second round, but Jonas remained composed, allowing her opponent to walk into her punches.

As the rounds progressed, Mayer showcased her strength and adaptability to the higher weight class, pressing forward with straight punches. The fight intensified in the sixth, with both fighters investing in body shots, but Mayer’s hard right hand left an impact.

The seventh round emerged as a crucial juncture, with Mayer launching an all-out attack. Jonas responded with solid hooks to the body, yet Mayer appeared physically stronger. The battle lines were drawn between Mayer’s relentless pressure and volume and Jonas’ cleaner punches.

Despite Mayer’s strong finish in the tenth round, Jonas, marked up around the left eye, held her ground under pressure. The tension lingered as the judges delivered a split decision. Diana Drews Milano scored it 97-93 for Mayer, but Frank Lombardi (96-94) and Michael Alexander (96-95) sided with Jonas.

In her Liverpool hometown, Natasha Jonas retains the IBF welterweight world title, securing a hard-fought victory over an elite opponent in Mikaela Mayer. The split decision adds another chapter to the riveting narrative of women’s boxing, leaving fans clamoring for more.

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