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John Fury Issues Ultimatum to KSI: Apologize or Face Consequences!

John Fury, the father of British boxer Tommy Fury, has renewed his demands for an apology from YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI. This call for an apology comes after an incident where John Fury claims he was spat at during the build-up to Tommy Fury’s fight against KSI. Despite Tommy Fury winning the bout by unanimous decision, the animosity between the two camps remains.


In an interview with the Daily Star via, John Fury issued a stern warning to KSI, threatening physical harm. Fury stated, “Let me tell you, KSI, any more business, you’ve got to come through me to do it, and at the end of the day, whether you’re playing your game or not, there will never be anything [offered to you].”


Fury emphasized that an apology is non-negotiable and claimed he would never have been spat at if they were face-to-face. He continued, “I don’t care if it’s a trillion dollars [Tommy won’t fight you], he needs to apologize because he took it too far. Nobody ever spits at me, and if I get within feet of him, I will crack this big right-hand straight across his skull and split his head like an apple.”


Expressing his disdain for the YouTuber, Fury criticized KSI’s appearance, stating, “You’ve only got to see by the state of his hairstyle, what kind of a clown he is; he looks like a frickin’ pineapple.”


Despite the ongoing verbal sparring, neither Tommy Fury nor KSI has officially announced a rematch or another fight. However, Tommy Fury hinted at the potential financial allure of “crossover boxing” and suggested that returning to traditional boxing might be challenging. This has fueled speculation about the possibility of a future rematch between the two fighters.


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