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John Fury Advises Tommy Fury to Use Elbows in KSI Fight

Ringside footage has revealed John Fury, father and trainer of Tommy Fury, advising his son to use his elbows during his recent bout against KSI. The fight took place over the weekend, and although Tommy secured a unanimous decision victory, it was not without controversy, as many believed KSI deserved the decision.

The fight itself was scrappy, with significant moments of clinching and holding. In between rounds, John Fury offered advice to his son on how to handle these situations, suggesting the use of elbows. While the clip cuts off, it’s important to clarify that John was likely advising Tommy to use his elbows in a defensive capacity, such as pushing opponents off during a clinch, which is legal in boxing.

In a humorous twist, Tommy Fury playfully threw an elbow during an open workout ahead of the fight, poking fun at KSI’s previous bout, where he accidentally knocked out his opponent with an elbow. The use of elbows in boxing can be a contentious issue, and fighters must navigate the rules carefully to avoid penalties or disqualifications.

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