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Joe Cordina From Reluctant Boxer to Two-Time World Champion


Joe Cordina, the Welsh boxer who is now a two-time world champion, never envisioned a career in the ring. He candidly admits that he only tried boxing to please his father. However, as he prepares for his first title defense against Edward Vazquez in Monte Carlo, Cordina reflects on the pivotal moments in his life that kept him in the professional boxing world.

Cordina’s boxing journey has been far from conventional. He began as a rugby enthusiast, relishing the camaraderie and physicality of the sport. The transition to boxing was not his choice; it was his father’s encouragement that led him to lace up the gloves.

“I didn’t even want to box, to be honest,” Cordina confessed. “I was always fighting when I was playing rugby. I just didn’t take any nonsense from anyone and wouldn’t be bullied. It got me into trouble a lot, so I had to rein it in and put an end to it.”

Credit for Joe Cordina’s boxing career belongs to his father, who introduced him to the sport at a young age. While he was initially hesitant, Cordina eventually gave it a shot, despite his initial fears.

“If my dad said jump off a cliff, then I’m going to do it,” Cordina quipped. “If he told me to jump into fire, I’d do it. I do whatever he says. I remember he asked me if I wanted a fight, and I thought, ‘Why not? I’ll give it a try.'”

Cordina’s first fight was held in a marquee, and he vividly recalls the anxiety he felt as he looked out through the tent, knowing his father was there to support him.

“That first fight, it was at a marquee, and I’m looking out through the tent, and he’s there,” Cordina shared. “I just thought, ‘Oh my God.’ If he wasn’t there, I would have grabbed my bag and left. I was scared, not going to lie.”

His fear stemmed from the possibility of embarrassment, the fear of losing, and the thought of letting down his family, particularly his father. He acknowledged that his father would have been proud of him regardless of the outcome, but the pressure to perform weighed heavily on him.

Joe Cordina’s journey from an unwilling boxer to a two-time world champion showcases the power of determination and the support of loved ones. As he prepares to defend his world super-featherweight title, he is ready to put it all on the line, motivated by the fear of losing and the responsibility of providing for his three children. Cordina’s story is a testament to the unexpected paths life can take and the resilience that can emerge when faced with challenges.

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