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Jermell Charlo Picks Errol Spence Jr. to knock Crawford within the first six rounds in Spence vs Crawford bout

Jermell Charlo, who trains alongside Errol Spence Jr in Dallas, believes that Spence will knock out Terence Crawford within the first six rounds during the upcoming Spence vs Crawford fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Even though Crawford is considered the favorite to win by oddsmakers, Charlo thinks Spence’s skills are underestimated. Spence plans to apply a lot of pressure on Crawford, pushing him to engage in a close-quarters brawl. If Crawford’s mobility fails him, it’s uncertain if he can handle that kind of fight for long.

Charlo has praised Spence, calling him an overachiever and the best in the 147-pound division. Spence himself hopes to inspire future generations of fighters to want to engage in legendary battles like Spence vs Crawford. Charlo said:

“He trains too hard to lose. He’s an overachiever. He’s the best in the game right now at 147.”

Spence is open to scoring a first-round knockout in Spence vs Crawford, though he acknowledges that keeping the audience interested in the Showtime pay-per-view may require a knockout in the second, third, or fourth rounds instead. He wants to create Spence vs Crawford a legacy-defining fight similar to those of the boxing greats he watched in his younger days, such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearn, and Evander Holyfield.

“I want a kid that is watching me fight on Youtube in 15 to 30 years from now saying, ‘I want to have a fight like Errol Spence & Terence Crawford. I want to be in one of those fights,’

“I’m definitely okay with a first round knockout because as they say, ‘You don’t get paid for overtime,’ and you’re losing brain cells as the rounds go.

“If it can go in the first, second, or third rounds, I wouldn’t mind it. But not in the first round because we got to keep them buying the Showtime pay-per-view. So in the second, third, or fourth round, it can definitely happen.

“That’s the same thing with me when I was 14 or 15 years old and I was watching Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearn, watching all these old school fights. I remember watching Evander Holyfield’s fights, thinking, ‘I want to have a fight like that in a legacy-defining fight.’

“How the press conference was and just the stuff before the actual fight. It was great, and to have a kid 20 or 30 years from now,” said Spence.

Shawn Porter believes that the Spence vs Crawford fight could play out in two ways: either both fighters will silently agree to go all-out, or one of them will challenge the other, leading to an intense showdown.

“One of two things are going to happen. It’s going to be a silent agreement of, ‘Here we are, let’s go,’ or one of them is going to say, ‘Meet me right here,’ and the other one ain’t going to back down,” said Shawn Porter to Premier Boxing Champions on how the Spence vs. Crawford fight will play out.


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