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Jarrell Miller's Trainer Urges Weight Drop After Crushing Defeat

Jarrell Miller, known for his confidence and prowess, faced a staggering defeat against Daniel Dubois, and his trainer, Aureliano Sosa, points to excess weight as a major factor. Miller, seeking to rekindle his career after a turbulent past, couldn’t secure a win against Dubois, which Sosa attributes in part to Miller’s weight issues.

The lead-up to the bout against Dubois was filled with Miller’s vocal challenges to fellow fighters and an opportunity for a significant comeback on a grand stage—the Kingdom Arena in Saudi Arabia on December 23rd. However, Miller’s weigh-in shockingly displayed 333 pounds, an unprecedented figure for the fighter. Despite his past fights not being hindered by weight concerns, this time, it proved detrimental.

Sosa expressed disbelief at Miller’s defeat, attributing the loss more to exhaustion than damage from Dubois. According to Sosa, Miller’s conditioning took a hit after the third or fourth round, largely due to the excessive weight he carried. The trainer believes shedding pounds is crucial for Miller’s performance in the ring.

At 35, Miller faces challenges. Past PED controversies, combined with a lack of attention from the division’s elite, add complexity to his situation. Nonetheless, Miller’s potential was evident in his earlier days when he displayed agility and skill. Sosa aims to bring back that agility by setting a weight target of 280-300 pounds for Miller, acknowledging the challenge ahead but emphasizing its importance for Miller’s future fights.

For Team Miller, the focus now lies on shedding weight and reclaiming the agility that once defined Miller’s fighting style. Sosa’s goal underscores the importance of optimizing Miller’s physical condition for future endeavors in the ring.

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